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We believe in the power of storytelling. It promotes emotional connections, brings complex concepts to life, and—most importantly—highlights what is unique about your organization. Our passion is helping you find, articulate, and promote these stories, all in support of your business goals.


Founder and principal Victoria Fullard is an award-winning communications thinker and doer. Her experience spans Fortune 500 companies, small and mid-sized firms, startups, and academia, but regardless of whom she's working with, she revels in finding and articulating the right stories for each brand. 

With a history in creative writing and publishing, it's perhaps no surprise that she has a passion for brand storytelling and bringing content to life through a compelling visuals, strong narratives, deep understanding of audiences, and a desire to move people.

In addition to launching Tout Strategy, she has served as a brand strategist, chief content officer, and VP of marketing and communications. She holds a master's in Strategic Communication from Columbia University.

Serial entrepreneur Todd Vaccaro brings his wealth of experience in EdTech, higher ed, and search engine initiatives to Tout Strategy. With a demonstrated history of conceptualizing, executing, and launching innovative products, he thrives on tech challenges and is always accountable for products' and platforms' performance.  

His creative mindset is rivaled by his tireless "can do" attitude, which pushes ideas, development, and product processes forward for our clients. 


Eleanor Tout, Victoria's much-missed nana, provided the inspiration behind the name Tout Strategy. "Tout," of course means "to promote," and it was an a-ha moment when Victoria realized she could make use of the word to both give her firm a meaningful name and honor Eleanor.

Eleanor provided Victoria with much more than the perfect name. She also taught her to believe in herself and forge her own path forward, regardless of what everyone else is doing. She urged her to work hard, be bold, and take smart risks.


These are the same values we hold dear today at Tout Strategy.

Victoria Fullard, Founder and Principal


Todd Vaccaro, Chief Technology Officer

Eleanor Tout, Inspiration

Tout Strategy's chief canine officer, Zooey, doesn't provide much on the strategic-thinking front, but she's a wonder at boosting office morale. She also provides regular reminders to live in the moment and embrace life with total enthusiasm.

Her favorite food is everything, and the only thing she likes better than eating is staring at squirrels. A German short-haired pointer (best guess; she's a rescue), she can be found pointing at squirrels in Upper Manhattan's Riverside Park most mornings.

Zooey, Chief Canine Officer

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